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Telemedicine App Development Across Healthcare Organizations

Telemedicine App for Entrepreneurs

Start off your journey as a health-tech entrepreneur. Develop and deploy a feature rich telemedicine solution to connect physicians to their patients.

Telemedicine for Hospitals

Integrate telemedicine into your hospital workflow. Make healthcare accessible and affordable while boosting patient engagement and satisfaction.

Telemedicine solutions for Individual practitioners

Enable on-demand virtual consultations with patients. Connect with your patient virtually through telemedicine consultations and virtual follow-up visits.

Core Telemedicine App Functionalities

Every feature and functionality is custom built, unique to your processes, workflows and stakeholders you want onboarded on the telemedicine platform.

Patient App

Scheduling on-demand doctor consultations made easy

  • Search through doctor profiles
  • View doctor credentials and reviews
  • View available slots and schedule appointments
  • HIPAA Compliant Audio, Video and Text Consultations
  • Comprehensive view of patient history
  • Leave reviews and give ratings

Provider App

Leverage technology to expand your reach and help patients live healthier lives

  • Approve appointments and manage schedule
  • Provide audio, video and text consultations
  • View patient history and update notes
  • Set up referral appointments
  • In-app messaging with patients and specialists

Admin Panel

Stay on top of your platform and get a comprehensive overview

  • Calendar overview
  • Set-up/Approve/Cancel appointments 
  • Doctor and patient profile management
  • Notification Preference Management
  • Platform Analytics

Advanced Integrations

Choose from a rich selection of advanced features when developing your telemedicine app.

  • EHR Integration
  • Medication Reminder Notifications
  • Prescription Trackers
  • Dedicated patient portal
  • Pharmacy database
  • Platform for referral consultations

Telemedicine App Development Success Stories

TeleMedHome Telemedicine Platform

We helped create a robust architecture for the telemedicine platform for the physician-entrepreneur team of TeleMedHome.

By designing and developing the first iteration (MVP) of their symptom checker application, we helped accelerate the time to market of the initial prototype and facilitated testing for market viability of the telemedicine application.

Feelya Telemedicine Platform

We revamped the user interface of the mental health telemedicine platform to ramp up the user engagement levels.

By redesigning the therapist and client journeys, we streamlined the application and made onboarding a seamless process. A redesigned and efficient appointment scheduling workflow helped drive the revenues and resulted in greater levels of user engagement for Feelya’s Telemedicine platform.

United Medical Group Telemedicine Platform

We built a scalable telemedicine solution for the United Medical Group’s multi-practice setup.

By developing a web-based telemedicine platform for facilitating on-demand consultations with physicians and specialists, we helped the UM group to leverage telemedicine to include physician contractors. The doctor on demand platform with transparent pricing is a huge boost to UMG’s goal of improving the community health.

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